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Handbag - Sneak Peak

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Pineapple Pouches

Last month, I joined the Sew Lux Pouch Club. The patter was for this adorable Pineapple Pouch. 

After sharing my creation on Facebook and Instagram I got several orders. Here's the finished product!

About Us

My family has been making various "crafty" items over the years - woodworking, crocheting, knitting, painting, and so on. A local church has a yearly vendor market and we have participated every year. Just recently, I (Mona) decided that we can try to sell items on a regular basis - not just at the annual vendor market. One of the main reasons in doing this is that we keep creating items - yet they are just piling up!! Hence, "Whittaker Creations" came into being. Of course, I realized that in a little part of the internet world, there was already a "Whittaker Creations" - which led to the birth of "Kentucky Whittaker Creations." So, here we are! Thank you for visiting us and we hope that you like the items that we offer!!