Temperature Afghan

Hey - it's Lisa checking in!  Here's what I'm working on this week:

My Temperature Afghan.  Last year I saw a lot of posts on social media about "Temperature Afghans" - and they could be knit or crochet.  You assign a color
of yarn to a temperature range - as an example use pink yarn if the temperature is in the range of 20-29 degrees for the day.  You can choose to use the high temperature for the day - or the low.  And - I've even seen some afghans on pinterest that use both the high and low!  So - last year - I bought all of my yarn at Michael's for my afghan:

and then - I didn't do anything!  I didn't start it... I didn't keep track of the temperature!

So now - it's another year - and guess what?  I started it last night!  I'm using the high temperature for the day and purple is my color for the range of 10-19 degrees.

Now, I have seen where some of these afghans can be HUGE!  You end up doing 365 rows... so I chained 350 to start my afghan.  It wasn't until I got to work today that I figured out that my afghan is going to be more than 9 feet long and 9 feet wide!!!  ok...  So - maybe I'll do two this year - one for the first 6 months and one for the 2nd 2 months!

I ended up doing 5 rows last night - for the first five days of January.  My hope is to get caught up - and then STAY caught up!  But - for those of you that know me... that could be a problem :-)  I'm not the best at staying caught up with things.  But - this is a new year, and we will see!!!

We are having a craft night this Friday, January 26th from 6-9 at Versailles Presbyterian Church.  You can work on anything you want - or just come and visit.  Bring a snack if you choose.   Let us know if you'll be coming!

I'm in the process of creating an Etsy shop for myself.  I have a lot of crafty items I'd like to find new homes... scrapbooking supplies, yarn, quilting items...  I will keep you posted - and Mona can share my shop with you once it's up and running!

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Happy crafting!


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