Sewing a Village: I'm joining - how about you?

Hi everyone! It's Mona again. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've had an ear infection, strep,
and the flu - all at once! I'm still not over it, but I am functioning a little better than I was a week ago!
A month or so ago, I saw on Instagram where Stitch Supply Company was hosting a sew-a-long using the Village Quilt Pattern by Jumble. With this pattern, you create 132 individual houses. It's a great use of charm packs or your fabric stash. Seeing as one of my goals for 2018 was to try something new (cutting little pieces), then this would be a great thing for me to try.

Also - I'm trying to not buy a lot of extra fabric, so I plan on using my stash for all of this.
All of the houses have doors on them. My sister, Lisa, (who is sewing along as well) and I decided that it would be fun to fussy cut all of the doors. Instead of trying to cut out 132 different doors, we each would cut out 2 sets of 66 different doors - then we can trade!
As I have said previously - I am not a fan of cutting - especially something that needs to be precise. It was fun to see the final pieces of fabric, but I was really stressed when I was cutting. What about you - do you like to fussy cut?

After I got my Village Quilt Pattern, I decided I would make one house to make sure I was comfortable with what I was doing. Here it is:
I was really pleased! I did find out that several of the dies from my Ready Set GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System worked great for cutting the pieces I needed for the houses. I was so excited! I have been able to fly through the cutting time and get straight to the sewing.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been sick. I was able to get 3 weeks of houses finished in a couple of nights and finally get caught up:

My plan is to go scrappy throughout. My goal is to finish! This will be the first quilt I finish that requires a lot of cutting and following a pattern. I'm so happy I decided to join.

What about you? Do you want to join the sew-a-long? Get your Village Quilt Pattern, tag Stitch Supply Company on Instagram, and post using the hashtag #sewingavillage. Let me know on Instagram, too!

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that you'll continue on this journey with me.

Until next time - blessings & peace - and happy crafting!

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