Where's My Blanket?

Lisa here!  What have you been working on?  I've been working on a couple of
running skirts for a friend of mine (they're very sparkly!), and a bit on my striped quilt, but mostly on my Temperature Blanket.  I have completed the month of January!  It's a miracle!  And - it's HUGE.

So - on Superbowl Sunday, I went to my parents so we could celebrate my nephew, David's birthday, and my sister, Mona's, birthday - and watch the Superbowl.  We had a fun time... we laughed a lot...  we ate and ate... and then it was time for "show and tell."  That's a big deal at the Whittaker household!  We bring what we've been working on - or other interesting things that we're doing.  So - I showed my blanket!  It's big... we all ooh'd and aah'd over it.  Then Mona showed the AccuQuilt machine that she received - it is FANTASTIC!  (If you haven't already - read the previous post on the blog to read all about it!)  What a machine... wow...  we were all amazed!

After the game was over I thought I'd catch up on my blanket - I've not done any rows for February yet, but I had brought the correct colors of yarn.  But - I couldn't find my blanket.  What????  Where did it go????  My mom was in bed... my dad was helping me search for it.  We'd all seen it - it looks like this - 10 inches wide and 10 feet long - how do you lose something that big????

What's it in?  A gray Walmart bag.
When was the last time you saw it?  Right before Mona showed the AccuQuilt machine.
Did you take it to the other room?  No - I've already looked there.
Where have you looked?  Everywhere!

Look again!

My dad and I searched and searched and we just couldn't find it.  All I could think was - I am NOT starting that again!!!

I texted my sister "did you, by any chance, take my blanket home with your stuff?" - No.  But - I'll check with David in the morning and see if he carried it out with his stuff.


I was ready to give a reward to whoever found my blanket!

I only had to wait until about noon - and finally, my sister texted me - and yes - she had my blanket!!!!  So - it is now back in my possession, and I know you are all relieved :-)

*whew*  and LOL!!!

I've got a couple of other projects to start - the Hashtag quilt #hashtagquiltalong sponsored by @gerridzimiela and @pinkpetuniacottage on instagram.  I've watched the tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I have my fabric, so I'm ready to go on this one.   I also will be participating in the #sewingavillage quiltalong sponsored by @stitchsupplyco - it's a scrappy - cute village!  I'm hoping to get started on both of these projects this weekend!

I hope you all are doing well - and are doing something fun and crafty!  Stay warm and well - and till next time - Happy Crafting!


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